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Our Philosophy

Experience the Joy Rather Than the Dread of Business Planning 


This 6 minute audio describes what happens during the planning process.


What Kind of Visionary Are You? Take the Test.

There are different types of visionaries so take the quiz to see what kind of visionary you are: Private Pilot, Student Pilot or Commercial Pilot. We have created brand new plans that match your style to the optimal planning process.


Visionaries often have trouble getting started. Remember, the plan can't stay in your head and heart forever. You need to write it down in the form of a business plan. Even more important than the business plan itself, is the exciting process of planning. We believe in and embrace the planning process. We have designed a way for you to plan, no matter what type of visionary you are.                

Planning Programs

After you have taken the quiz, accurately match your style to one of the three programs below.

medal plans

If the visionary quiz, indicated that your style is as a "Private Pilot", you just want to get to the"bottom line". The numbers and an Executive Summary is all you need to get started. Together, we project the financials including the Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement. This is our bronze plan solution.

If your style is that of a "Student Pilot" you would benefit from an in depth planning experience and by getting coached through the process. We utilize the online planning tool, LivePlan, so that we can collaborate together. The "Big Picture" is written from your perspective. However, we don't leave you to go it alone. We walk with you anc coach you during weekly sessions. In the end, you will have a viable business plan. This is our silver plan solution.

If you are a "Commercial Pilot", you may want to go for the gold and get "The Works"! We can craft your customized, comprehensive plan. While you help us gather information, we actually write the plan for you. This is our top of the line planning service. 

 Contact us now to get started. Ask about pricing and payment plans.