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Our Philosophy

Ideal Clients

Our ideal clients are motivated by a strong sense of purpose. They believe they can make a profit and make a difference. They are also slightly frustrated as to when and how to begin what they have envisioned.

They are visionaries who are starting small businesses, home based businesses, social enterprises, churches, and ministries. They need both business coaching and spiritual encouragement.  There are two primary market segments: Individual Visionaries and Organizations, i.e Small Businesses, Churches, Ministries, and Social Enterprises

 What does business planning do for our ideal clients? Effective planning re-focuses them on their original intent and helps them survive and thrive in this tough economic climate. We are interested in developing long-term relationships with our ideal clients through effective communication and quality service.

BizWriteNow believes that entrepreneurs can change the world! If this descibes you and you think our services would be a fit, please Contact Us now or call (214)302-9446.