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From Visionary to Thought Leader

Visionary, it's time to elevate your brand to Thought Leader status. You have spent countless hours learning your craft. No one knows your business the way you do. You are the expert. Check out this Prezi created by Lulu. Then, let's discuss ways to show your authority through content creation and marketing. It's time to get your message out to the world.


What We Can Learn From the Most Recognizable Brand in the World

coca-cola diagramCoca-Cola is undeniably the most recognizable brand in the world. It is etched into American history and continues to be sold in emerging markets within the most remote parts of the world. In 1886, only 9 cokes were sold each day. In 2008, 1.5 billion Coca-Cola products were sold each day. Coca-Cola's longevity is astounding. I attribute it to staying true to their authentic purpose. What is that purpose? Coca-Cola realizes that they are selling more than a product, they are selling happiness.  

I am from Atlanta, Georgia, the Coca-Cola capitol of the world. Coke is etched into my personal memory bank. Because of this, I experienced a little of that happiness last night. While passing by a convenience store, I had a "Coke and a Smile", which was their slogan way back in 1979. Do you know what the slogan is today? I actually had to look it up, so a little more marketing may be in order. It is "Open Happiness". To learn more about this dynamic brand, check out CNBC's documentary, Coca-Cola: The Real Story Behind the Real Thing.  

As you create your brand, be sure to link it to your own authentic purpose. 


"Create Something Awesome" - A Pep Talk From Kid President

My daughter couldn't wait to show me this "pick me up" she discovered on You Tube. I watched it three times. I just couldn't keep it to myself and had to share it with you. Here are some quotes from Kid President:

The world needs to stop being boring. Boring is easy. Anybody can be boring, but you're gooder than that.

You got air coming from your nose. You got a heartbeat that means it's time to do something.

What will you create to make the world awesome? Nothing if you keep sitting there.

Watch the whole monologue now:



Brand Confusion: What Did Jesus Do?

In my last post, I wrote about learning brand development from celebrities. The biggest, most world-renowned figure throughout history is Jesus Christ. Today, let's discover how to prevent brand confusion from Him.


"What's my brand?" Jesus asked Peter. Okay, he didn't quite say it that way, but it is recorded in Luke 9 that He did ask, "Who do the crowds say that I am...Who do you say that I am?"



The answer was incongruent. The public incorrectly perceived Him to be various things, but Peter, who was closest to Him, got it right. He said, "You are the Christ of God."

Jesus had a problem with brand confusion. Why? While Jesus didn't send mixed messages about who He was, initially He didn't come right out and boldly proclaim it either. He had to do more showing than telling. I can see why folks had have their doubts. The Christ? The Messiah? The Son of God? Yeah, right.

What did Jesus do?

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Brand Development (What We Can Learn From Celebrity Brands)

At some point during planning your new venture, you have to think about developing your brand.  What is a brand? There are many definitions of a brand, but here is my take on it:

A brand is the identity that you present to buyers and potential buyers, along with their belief in who you say you are.

In order to have a strong brand, it is not enough to tout who you are in symbols, logos, messages, and other marketing materials. Your potential buyers must “buy in” to this complex packaging of your image.

Lately, I have learned so much by watching the brands of celebrities. Some celebrity brands have become a strong platform for good. Others are shaky at best. Much of what I see surprises me.  There are inconsistencies between the private person and their public persona.

Can you think of a celebrity whose image is profane and vulgar, only to find out later that they were decent folks?  Most of the time, it goes the other way.  I won’t call names, but I bet you can quickly think of your fair share of celebrities that publicly appeared to be squeaky clean, only to discover that they were simply scandalous in their private behavior.  

In general, people feels duped and even betrayed when their favorite celebrity does not live up to their public image.  Some celebrities re-brand and recover.  Others aren’t so fortunate because they were overcome by their private demons.  Strange contradictions will always cloud their legacy.

So what can we learn from celebrity brands?

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Aligned Plans, Greater Prosperity in 2013!

Happy New Year Card


Merry Christmas from my Family to Yours

Make sure your speakers are turned up so you can hear a special holiday message from Visionary Coach, Audrey Wyatt.


Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, & Cyber Monday

I love small businesses. I really do. Therefore, I was excited to discover that nestled between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is Small Business Saturday. According its founder, American Express, Saturday, November 24, 2012, is the day set aside to "shop small".

Small Business Saturday is a day for everyone — from the business owners who create jobs to the customers who buy locally — to support small businesses that invigorate the economy and keep communities thriving.

Here is a cool infographic about small businesses. Don't forget to spread the word!


I Have Been A Little Under the Weather

How time flies! I haven't written a blog post in quite a while.  Every time I thought about blogging, Icreative laryngitis couldn't think of anything to say. Some call it writer's block. I call it creative laryngitis. I lost my voice. I think I know why, but as I began to write the reason, it sounded very much like an excuse.  

Yesterday, I ran across a quotation by Ernest Hemingway,

"There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed."

Well, that's commitment. Of course, I won't bleed like he did, but blood still flows from a prick, doesn't it? Therefore, I promise myself that no matter what, I will show up bolder and stronger in the days ahead. 


Planning Begins With the Real YOU

Often times on our first "get to know each other to see if this is a fit" call, new clients go straight into their idea or vision and while they are talking I am listening for their motives or intent. I am attempting to decipher if their values align with my values. What do I value? I value making a difference whether it be big or small and reaching for something bigger than we are. You get the idea. 

Therefore, I don't want to jump right into the mechanics and components of writing the business plan. I want to connect heart to heart. I want to join you in your efforts toward greatness. I used to think passion was enough. It's not. Passion is an emotion and when the dog days of running your own business hit, and trust me they will, passion can get snuffed out by other emotions, like fear or even anger.

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