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Our Philosophy

Need a Business or Marketing Plan?


Infant organizations have a critical set of business challenges. Some of them are:

  • Sales that are constantly generated by activities not related to core business
  • Management by crisis; no clear plan
  • Negative cash flow
  • Arbitrary decision-making; few policies, procedures, and systems

BizWriteNow helps visionaries of startup businesses, ministries, and social enterprises fill in the business "gaps" and become more effective in accomplishing their goals.

Small businesses make up a sizable majority of U.S. markets. Yet, according to the Small Business Administration, 51 percent of new employer establishments survive five or more years. Lack of planning and cash flow management are two primary reasons that the other 49 percent fail. BizWriteNow prefers to establish relationships with visionaries of young operations who have been in existence for five years or less and continue to nurture those relationships for the long term.

Through a collaborative process, we want to help you write your roadmap to success.


Business Planning: A Key to Sustainability

  • Business Planning enables you to re-focus on the big picture.  You can identify where you are going and the necessary steps to get you there.
  • Business planning helps you become proactive rather than reactive.
  • Business planning can identify costs that need to be cut or redirected
  • Business planning can help you determine if you have the right people in the right positions for optimal execution.
  • Business planning can help you identify marketing strategies for optimal plan execution
  • Business planning produces a viable, executable plan for internal decision making and external funding.

    Comprehensive Business Plan

    We help you create a business plan for internal decision-making or for the creation of a social venture.  You may decide to pursue an outside loan or investment for your new business venture. Whatever the case, we build from your tier one and/or tier two efforts. We write a 25 – 40 page plan for you. This plan is a roadmap to future success. It includes the following (if applicable):

    • Executive Summary
    • Need and Opportunity
    • Enterprise Summary
    • The Business Model
    • Growth Strategy
    • Team and Governance
    • Technology
    • Market Analysis
    • Financial Plan
    • Appendices (Cash Flow Forecast, Income Statement, Sales Forecast, Break-even Analysis etc.)


    Customized Marketing Plan

    If you already have a business plan, but need strategies to reach your ideal customers, our new marketing plans are for you. A customized marketing plan includes YOUR:

    • Remarkable Difference
    • Core Branding Elements
    • Web and Social Media Plan
    • Lead Generation and Conversion Plan
    • Financial Projections
    The plan can be as small or as big as you want it to be. 



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